Universal Precautions

Basic Universal Precautions

1. Use personal protective equipment (Masks, gloves, eyewear, face shield, CPR masks, gowns)

2. Always wear gloves

3. Wash hands before wearing and after removing gloves.

4. Replace defective gloves.

5. Change gloves when contaminated with blood, nasal secretions, or body fluids.

6. Cover mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing; wash hands immediately.

7. Carefully handle equipment soiled with blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions in a manner that prevents skin and mucous membrane exposures, contamination of clothing, and transfer of pathogens to other patients or the environment.

8. Clean, disinfect, and decontaminate all surfaces and devices before and after use.

9. Clean area with detergent and water after decontamination.

10. Properly dispose of contaminated materials.

11. Report any injury immediately to the Director of Operations.

12. Seek medical attention for major injury.