Homemaker Personal Care Rules

As a Home Health Aide through Elnora Home Health Agency LLC, you are NOT to do the following:

1. Ask the client or the family to tell you what to do. You have a care plan/ISP and you are to FOLLOW YOUR CARE PLAN .

2. Have anyone else besides the patient or designated family member sign your time sheet.

3. Turn in timesheets for hours you did not work.

4. Sign the client's name on your timesheet.

5. Eat the patient’s food or drink their drink.

6. Offer food and drink to clients.

7. Smoking around clients and in their houses.

8. Receive personal phone calls, text, or play with your phone while on the job.

9. Get into personal argument with client or their family member.

10. Leave the client’s home before your shift is up without authorization from the Agency.

11. Work any unauthorized hours.

12. Engage in any monetary activities with the client’s or their family member

13. Discuss religion, race or politics with the client.

14. Engage in any sexual conversation and activity with the client.

15. Sleep on the job

16. Change your schedule directly with the client without Agency approval.

You ARE required to:

A. Sign and date your timesheet and the service documentation every day

B. Notify the Agency when you become aware that the patient has been hospitalized

C. Notify the Agency if you need to leave before your shift is up.

D. Notify the Agency when you will be absent or will arrive late.