Non-Medical Transportation Rules

1. All employees must keep van clean.

2. Do not leave any of your belongings or trash in the van.

3. Do not have any (family/friends/) in the van while transporting Consumer(s).

4. Do not allowed to use Consumer(s) electronic devices (e.g. Phones, Pagers etc.)

5. Do not allow Consumer(s) to use your Electronic devices.

6. Upon arrival to pick up, if client is not in the van within 5 min. Please call 216-402-9945.

7. All paper work must be filled out accurately and completely, also you must submit all Mileage Reports (Service Documentation) along with your time sheets every two weeks.

8. Your phone must be on at all times. You can only answer call coming from the office while in route. For safety reason, if you must place and receive call from the office you must park the van in a safe place to make or receive call.

9. Do not use any electronic devices while transporting our Consumer(s).

10. In an event where things are out of the ordinary, call the office immediately.

11. Do not smoke around the client or/and in the van.

12. Do not stop at the gas station to get gas while you have client in the van; all gas purchase must be made prior to picking up client.

13. Do not stop at the store or anywhere except client final destination

14. Do not allow any client to get out of the van, except getting out to their own homes and place of work or program